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NCHRO conducted One-day State level Human Rights workshop for activists in Rajasthan PDF Print E-mail
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altUdaipur  10 October  2016: NCHRO _ Rajasthan Chapter, conducted a One-day State level Human Rights workshop for activists at Udaipur on 09 of October.

NCHRO state president Justice RK Ankodiya(Retd.) inaugurated the workshop.

The topics of the classes given were ,Universal declaration of human rights and International human rights conventions, Procedures and need of documentation - from FIR to trial, How to use RTI as a weapon, Fact finding modalities, Defending  Women’s Rights and Domestic violation Act.

The resource persons viz., Ravi Nair (Executive Director, South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre - SAHRDC, Delhi), Advocate Aetimad Ajmeri (Joint Secretary NCHRO Rajasthan),Mrs. Chanderparbha Chanderawat (Women  Advocate) and Hari Om (Astha Sansthan,Udaipur)delivered the lecture.

Dr. Barkatullha (State committee member, NCHRO Rajasthan Chapter) coordinated the programme.

The activists from ten District viz., kota, Baran, Udaipur, Bhilwara, Sirohi, Jaipur,Bundi and chittore participated in the workshop.

NCHRO Executive Council Member Sharafudheen MK, Presented a Paper at 39th All India Criminology Conf PDF Print E-mail
Cuttack –Odissa
alt NCHRO Executive Council Member Sharafudheen MK  presented a paper titled ‘Changing attention of crime and victims in the new world order’ at 39th All India Criminology conference organized by National Law University Odisha  in association with the Indian Society of Criminology (ISC) , held on 22-24th September, 2016. The theme of the conference was “Criminological Challenges in the Contemporary Era”.
The Annual conference is being organized every year by the society and is hosted at the universities of various states and Institutes of repute around a range of themes of national importance and relevance. The sub-theme under Sharafudheen presented paper was ‘Focusing on Victim Justice Perspectives in theory and practice;’
The aim of this conference is to provide a platform to rethink the criminal justice and challenges in the present scenario. The conference offered a fresh glimpse to future administration of criminal justice. The recommendations emerging from this conference would be sent to all stakeholders and policy-makers from the government and civil society organizations, so that it could contribute in strengthening of criminal justice system in India.
Below is the Abstract of paper presented by Sharafudheen:-
NCHRO EXCO Indian Social Institute – Bangalore 14th Aug 2016 – Sunday PDF Print E-mail



NCHRO National Exco was held at Indian Social Institute, Bangalore on August 14th 2016.The meeting started at 11.30am and closed around 3.30pm.

Pro A Marx, Chairperson, Prof P Koya General Secretary, Adv K P Muhammed Shareef ,Adv Shabana Khan, Vice Chairpersons, Prof Babaya Former National Chairperson, , Reny Aylin, Adv. Muhd Yusuf ,National Secretaries ,state office bearers and special invitees were present.

National General Secretary Prof. P Koya warmly welcomed the delegates and said “NCHRO interventions had made a substantial impact in various parts of the country. The confederation offers assistance to the victims of rights violations. He also reminded the house that NCHRO will complete 20 years next year and it should be celebrated befitting the nature of the confederation at national level.

Prof A. Marx, the National Chairperson, in his opening remarks brought the attention of the delegates to the extreme riots violations in Kashmir. Many had lost their lives and hundreds had been injured in pellet gun attacks. He stressed the need to annul draconian laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and dialogue with Kashmiri people. He also added that there is widespread use of draconian laws such as UAPA in our country that slowly but steadily turning India into a virtual police state. He narrated various recent incidents of  grave abuses of human rights especially extra judicial killings, police atrocities and forced disappearances, violence against Dalits and minorities, prolonged pre-trial detention etc.

National Secretary Reni Aylin reported about the fact finding mission deputed by the Confederation to the Niamgiri Hills, Odisha. In response to the peoples struggle to preserve their habitat being taken over by  corporate company Posco, innocent tribals and adivasis were brutally tortured and killed in  fake encounters.
Mohamed Janib, the National Coordinator presented the compiled national report of NCHRO activities and interventions.  Kerala report was presented by Mr. Sharafudheen MK. Kerala chapter sought the help from national body to expose the people behind the heinous rape murder of Dalit girl student, Jisha. It is also reported that Kerala chapter published second issue of the human rights bulletin titled “Manushyavakasha Pathrika”.

Rajasthan report presented by R K Ankodia, Chapter President, includes many cases in which  the state chapter intervened.


Adv. Yusuf the Legal in-charge presented a detailed report of legal aid to the ‘D’ voters in Assam, Juvenile prisoners in  West Bengal prisons, legal defence of  Muzaffar Nagar riot victims , various instances of police atrocities and efforts to give  compensation to the victims of police torture.

Adv. Balan the newly elected Karnataka Chapter President, expressed his solidarity and assured active participation in NCHRO activities. Adv Suresh from AP also expresses his concern over judicial delay in  certain cases  charged under UAPA.He said  extra judicial killings are increasing in AP.

Prof. Ramesh EXCO member said NCHRO has to study the New Education Policy. He also pointed out that industrialists are members of the new education policy committee rather than academicians..

Maharashtra newly elected chapter president Santhosh Saple said “The activities of the NCHRO have to be strengthened in grass route level because atrocities, violence against marginalized section of the society are increasing. He has requested national body to conduct a  human rights work shop in Maharashtra.

Rupali EXCO Member from Maharashtra said many  Kabeer Kala Manch  activists are languishing in the jails for merely singing songs in the street. They are booked under UAPA. She sought NCHRO intervention and campaign at national and state level on this particular case.

The afternoon session of EXCO witnessed the release of two books written by Mr. R K Ankodia and another book from by Kabeer Kala Manch. The EXCO meeting formed a sub-committee to organize nationwide special programmes to mark the 20th anniversary of NCHRO which falls in 2017. The sub-committee includes: - Prof A .Marx, Prof. Ramesh, Adv Shabana Khan, Prof P Koya and Reni Aylin.   Adv K P Muhd Shareef opined that an international seminar is to be organized as part of the anniversary with participation of delegates around the globe.


Other decisions:-

Campaign to repeal draconian laws like UAPA including online petition to release all political prisoners.

Effective intervention on New Education Policy. Prof Ramesh will study and present a report.

The meeting appointed Adv.Shareef to help Adv.Shabana to file appeal for the accused who were given death penalty in Mumbai train blast cases.

The meeting will initiate a joint campaign with the help of other human rights associations for a strong witness protection and victim compensation act.

This meeting passed resolutions against atrocities in the country especially in Kashmir and Basthar.

The meeting ended at 4.00pm with vote of thanks by Adv Yusuf Madurai .

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