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Malkangiri and Bhopal Killings NCHRO questions the police story and demands judicial enquiry PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - StateViolations

New Delhi: NCHRO strongly condemns the encounter killing of 39 leaders of members CPI (Maoist) in Malkangiri Andhra-Odisha border on 24th October of as well the eight Muslim under trial prisoners at Eintkhedi village near Bhopal on Monday morning. Both were cold blooded murder brutally implemented by security forces. There are glaring contradictions between the statements issued by the Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Bhupendra Singh and the DIG Bhopal Raman Singh. The video clipping shot by the sarpanch of the Acharpura village and released by a channel also confirms our doubt.  The police are seen in that video; shoot at an unarmed man at close range. Bhopal Central Prison is said to be one of the high security prisons in India. We don’t know how these eight under trials, said to be members of a banned organization escaped so easily after killing a jail guard. The DIG also says without any hesitation that all these eight people escaped by jumping out of the high walls of the prison compound without notice even though there was 24 hour cc surveillance. All these make anybody to doubt that the whole story is concocted.

NCHRO Condemns authorities Targeting Human Rights Organizations, Demanding Drop all Charges PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - StateViolations

August 18, 2016, New Delhi:

alt NCHRO demanded that the authorities must immediately drop all charges against Amnesty India, It is not a crime assembly and report human rights violations. The FIR against Amnesty India is indicative of the shrinking human rights space in the country and authorities must immediately drop all charges against Amnesty and stop intimidating dissenting voices. The true injustice is that human rights organization is  being punished for reporting on torture, extra judicial killings and forced disappearances.

NCHRO condemns arrest and detention of Human Rights Activist, Khurram Parvez. PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - StateViolations

19/09/2016 The NCHRO  have issued a statement expressing serious concerns over the arrest and arbitrary detention of human rights activist , Khurram Parvez  as  Government continue to silence criticism of the state.

Khurram Parvez, 39, is a well-known activist, outspoken on a range of issues,  is the program coordinator for the Coalition of Civil Society Organisation. He was arrested from his home on 15-Sep-2016, Thursday, one day after he prevented from boarding a plane to the Geneva to attend the ongoing session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC).

The Indian Express reported that the authorities allowed Parvez's colleagues, Parvez Imroz and Kartik Murukutla, to travel to Geneva.  Sections 107 and 151 of the Code of Criminal Procedure allow the government to take a person into custody.

NCHRO condemns his arrest and calls for all charges against him to be dropped.  Freedom of opinion, expression, and assembly are basic rights protected by international treaties to which our country is party. The authorities to release the activist immediately, stop targeting government critics who seek to express dissenting views.

This arrest demonstrates a clear attempt to silence human rights advocacy and deter activists from exposing ongoing violations. NCHRO believes No peaceful activist should be facing prison particularly those who promote and protect human rights through peaceful and non-violent means.

News from Victims - Minorities

There are 12 Bas such as Kharka Bas, Rewada Bas, Khairati Bas, Bada Bas, Tailiya Bas, Kila Mari and Haji Bas in Raghunathgadh Gram Panchayat of Naugaon PS Area of the District Alwar. There is Bas of Rewada out of these 12 Bas settled in the lap of Aravalli Mountain, which is the last village of Raghunath Gram Panchayat. Then, forest and mountain ranges of Aravalli begin. Aravalli Mountain Ranges divide Rajasthan and Haryana here. This village lies in the part of the Rajasthan State but Mewat Culture of Haryana is an integral part here. The general public regards it as a part of Mewat Region unofficially. Raghunath Gram Panchayat shot in headlines suddenly on 15-16 September, 2016. News began to broadcast in news channels that the remains of 36 cows have been found in the forests of Rewada Bas. This news item became the headline of the newspapers on 16th September. After hearing and reading this news, our fact finding team reached Rewada Bas.
Women paraded naked -NCHRO file complaint in NHRC PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - Women

A young Women and man were paraded naked by the villagers in Rajasthan.

NCHRO  Rajsthan Chapter file complaint  in NHRC.

A young woman and her lover were mobbed, stripped and paraded naked by residents in Kasotia village under Kanod police station of the district. It was the punishment decided by the villagers as they were angry because the woman had left her husband’s home to live with her lover without seeking a community sanction. Not contented by the inhumane treatment, the villagers including the woman’s husband and his family members went a step ahead to torture the victims by keeping them tied up in the same position for two days and a night.


Save Them — Stop Human Trafficking PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - Children
14-June-2016 Kozhikode, Kerala
Three Bangladeshi women have been staying at the Mahila Mandiram, Kozhikode, Kerala for many years, after being denied permission to return to their homeland. It has been eight years since they came to Kozhikode trapped in a sex racket as teenagers.
The women were brought to the State by a human trafficking racket. The accused in the cases are reportedly absconding. The police have not allowed the women to go back to Bangladesh as they are the witnesses in the cases which are yet to be solved.
NCHRO Report on Alleged State Repression and Killing of Tribals in Kalahandi and Rayagada Districts PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - Dalits&Tribals

altBubaneswar 17-May-2016 :- The National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) formed an All India Fact Finding team to investigate and publish a report on the atrocities committed by the police and armed forces stationed in Kalahandi and Rayagada districts of Odisha state.
The members of the team are:
Prof. Amarx Marx, Chair Person, National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO), Cell: 094441 20582,
Reny Ayline, National Secretary, National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO), Cell: 09633443798,
Narendra Mohanty, Natioanal Executive Member, National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO),/ State Convener, Campaign Against Fabricated Cases(CAFC),Odisha Cell: 09437426647,
Adv. M.A. Momen Halder, National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO), West Bengal, Cell: 09830714383,
Abdul Hannan, Student Activist, Jharkhand, Cell: 07352087646.


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