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30 March 2012

Seminar on Development Displacement and Human Rights. Date 1st April 2012, Sunday Time 2pm - 5 pm, Venue HASSS Audiotorioum, Nr. Clock Tower, Secundrabad (Hydrabad Archdiocese Social Service Society)

Inaguration. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan (Editor, Sissat Daily) Speach:- D Suresh Kumar(APCLC), Adv. Karthik Navayan(HRF), Prf. Ramesh Nagargere(PDF), Mhd A Ahd(PFI), Prf. A Marx(PUHR), Adv. J V(PUCL), Prf. P Koya(Editor Thejas Daily) Reny Ayline(NCHRO National Co-ordinator)

Human Rights in India New Realities, New Directions PDF Print E-mail


On 9th April, 2011, Time 3..00 pm.Venue: Darussalam, Queens Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore.

Presiding Prof. P.koya(Chief EditorThejas Daily), Dr.A.Lakshmi A Narayan Mysore(PUCL Karnataka).

Theme 1:  Corruption in Judicial System
Presentation: Adv.S.Balan(Senior Advocate, Karnataka High Court.

Theme 2: Justice for Innocents accused and Jailed
Presentation: Adv.Rahmathullah Kothwal(Karnataka High Court)

Theme 3: Human Rights Law in India
Presentation: Adv.Clifton D Rozario(Alternative Law Forum,Bangalore)

Chief Guests: Prof. Nagargere Ramesh(Rtd.Principal, National College, Bangalore), Prof.V.S Sreedhar (Vijaya College, Bangalore), Reny Ayline (National Co-ordinator), Adv.Saduddin M.Salih(President, NCHRO,Mangalore)  Rev.Fr.William Martiz(President NCHRO Udupi)

Please Contact: Mohammed Kakkinji (State Co-ordinator-Karnataka) (9964071782).



Jaipur explosion: Victim relatives demanding reinvestigation PDF Print E-mail

Kotta: Rajasthan,  alt"my father is an innocent, he doesn’t done any crime he is a teacher, how a teacher can become a terrorist” Shaheen said. She is an eight year old daughter of Mr.Illyas, who has been lying in the prison last two and half years.

NCHRO Rajasthan chapter organized a seminar in Kota. The programme attended by the relatives of the victims, here Shaheen made a heart feeling speech in front of the audience. Number of victim relatives shares their painful reality up on the   police atrocities against to them and their relatives.

NCHRO Conducts National Convention against Anti-People Laws lows PDF Print E-mail

NCHRO welcomed the government decision to ratify the United Nations Convention against Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or Punishment [UNCAT]. But the ministry of Home Affairs has not facilitated any public opinion on this vital Bill, or called for Public submissions on its provisions. The bill falls exceedingly short of national and international human rights standards as well as the Bill fails to establish a strong, credible legal frame work for the prevention of torture.

Adv. N M Siddique felicitated PDF Print E-mail

altKozhikkode: Noted human rights activists and vice president of National Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners Prof. A Marx called for the immediate repeal of black laws like Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). He was inaugurating a convention against excessive laws such as UAPA and AFSPA here organized by National Confederation of Human rights Organizations (NCHRO) at Nalanda Auditorium.
It’s dangerous to keep silence against such draconian laws and it is the duty of all people who believe in democratic principles to fight against it, he added.
He also said that the existing laws in the country which were made by the British government to suppress its colony were enough to tackle any law and order problem arising here. Still the central government is spearheading the human rights violations through these kinds of ‘highhanded’ laws.
Acts like UAPA and AFSPA were rejected by the international community on the grounds that there are inhuman and undemocratic sections in these laws such as the power given to the security forces and investigating agencies to arrest or kill people on the basis of mere suspicions and to keep them in illegal custody without bail or trial even for months. More than 20,000 innocent people were arrested in the country under draconian laws like TADA and POTA which were the earlier forms of UAPA and AFSPA. And it should be noted that all these laws were enacted in the name of national security,  he added.

NCHRO general secretary Adv. K P Muhammed Shareef presided over the function. He alleged that the left front government in Kerala was trying to suppress organization it didn’t like using the laws like UAPA.
Adv. N M Siddique, who was released from jail after 52 days of unjust custody, was felicitated at the function. Human rights activists A Vasu present

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