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Funda of Fundamental Rights PDF Print E-mail

Human Rights are Fundamental Rights Justice H Suresh, Sabrang Publications.

That ignorance of law is not an excuse is one of the basic principles of legal adjudication. However, the practicability of such a principle in a country like India with millions of illiterate people is doubtful. When it comes to human rights such ignorance can only facilitate infringement of human rights by the State as well as private actors. This situation puts the legal literate under an obligation to be the defender of human rights. This obligation should not be confined only to courtrooms but in all possible foras .

Meet against anti-terrorist ordinance PDF Print E-mail
26 Oct 2001

Kochi: a national convention against the centre's ordinance to counter terrorism would be held here by the confederation of human rights organisations (chro) on november 14. around 300 delegates, representing different human rights organisations, from various parts of the country and the state would participate in the one-day convention, mukundan c menon, secretary general, chro, said in a release here on friday.
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