altOn 19/02/2017 riots took place at village Partur, District Jalna in the celebration procession of the “Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti” (Shivjayanti). On the said incidence the NCHRO had constituted a Fact Finding Team, (hereinafter for the sake of brevity it is called as “Said Team”). The the respected members of said Team are Mr. Mohammad Abid Ali member of NCHRO, Adv. Mr. Mahendrakumar Vedekar member of Indian Lawyer’s Association Partur, Mr. Sayed Kalim District President Popular Front of India Aurangabad, Mr. Govind Shripal Hiwale from Partur, Mr. Shaikh Abdul Quddus President of Mulnivasi Rastriya Bahujan Karmachari Sangh Jalna, Adv. Mr. Sanjay Khanpate Member of Indian Lawyer’s Association Partur, Mr. Hemant Pahade member of Bharat Mukti Morcha & Social Activist.

The said Team members have visited the spots and also took interviews of various victims as well as Government officials like, Police Officials, Tahasildar and District Collector and after the going details and studying the facts, the respected Team members have come to the conclusion as mentioned in this Fact Finding Report.


1)    On 19/02/2017 at the evening time in the procession & Rath Yatra with the statue of Shivaji Maharaj was organized. At around 8:30 p.m. when the said procession & Rath Yatra reached the Malang Shah Chow. Some of the miscreants show the Green Flags and Banner of Eid – E – Milad un Nabi and those miscreants pull down the said Green Flags and Banner of Eid – E – Milad and desecrated by trampling the same. This act of the miscreants hurts the religious feelings of Muslim Community. Looking the said situation some Social Works came together and tried to restrain the mob and also tried to convince the mob not to do such illegal acts. But the Mob of the said procession and Rath Yatra was not at all paid any baisth to the Social Workers and Representatives of Muslim Community and started abusing them on their cast and religion and suddenly started stone planting towards them.    

2)    The person namely Sandip Sabote had attacked the person namely Mr. Sarwar Khan who was returning from the masjid after his Prayer (Isha Namaz). Sandip Sabote and his associate members have first ston planted towards Mr. Sarwar Khan and then with the intention to kill him started beating mercilessly with fits and blows, kicks. This causes serious injuries to Mr. Sarwar Khan with broken teethes and injuries on face. During the attack on Mr. Sarwar Khan, Mr. Sarwar Khan tried to convince the attacker Sandip Sabote that we are from one village, we know each other since generation to generations, done beat me, what you will gain by killing me ? But non of them including Sandip Sabote was listing to Mr. Sarwar Khan and keep beating him until he get chance to escape from the hands of the said mob. Immediately, after the said escape Mr. Sarwar Khan reached the Partur Police Station to lodge a Written Complaint against the said miscreants i.e. Sandip Sabote and others. But in-stade of lodging the FIR the PSO Bhurewal abuses on the ground of religion to Mr. Sarwar Khan and said that such things should happen against you Muslims. Do whatever you want I will not register any FIR against any Hindu Person and directed to leave the Police Station otherwise he will register FIR against Mr. Sarwar Khan. After this incident for almost 03 hrs the Partur Police have not registered the FIR against Sandip Sabote or any other person. Further, when one of the person namely Mr. Riyaz Babu Shaikh went to the local police station to register the FIR for rioting, instade of taking Mr. Riyaz Babu Shaikh’s FIR, the Partur Police have book Mr. Riyaz Babu Shaikh offence/FIR for rioting. This shows the partisan approach of the Police towards the Muslim Community.

3)    Further, the said Mob of the Procession & Rath Yatra with intention and pre-planed attacked Mr. Gajanfar Ahmed Zahir Khan’s “Suvidha Mobile Shop” and looted the said shop by braking the locks and stolen the Cash of an amount of Rs. 1,71,000/- (Rs. One Lakh Seventy One Thousand Only) and after said looting the Mob set the said Shop on fire by pouring Petrol and due to the said fire entire shop was burnt into ashes. Mr. Gajanfar Ahmed Zahir Khan immediately rushed to the Local Police Station to register the FIR but the Police instade of registering the FIR note down the Statement of the Victim i.e. Mr. Gajanfar Ahmed Zahir Khan and send him back.

4)    Further, some of the members of that Mob went to the shop under the name & style as “Sargam Tent House” owned by Mr. Sayed Afsar, the said mob first looted the said shop of worth Rs. 35,00,000/- (Rs. Thirty Five Lacks Only) and stolen shops goods like Decoration Material, Sound System, Mandap material and then set the said shop on fire with the goods in it. This fact was also informed to the Fire Brigade Department, but the Fire Brigade also rushed on the spot very late and the Police also did not registered the said incident in their register.

5)    The Mob also moved towards the shop namely “Maharashtra Tails” of Mr. Majid Bhai and destroyed the Tails and other goods in shop. Further, when Mr. Majid Bhai went to lodge Police Complaint, Local Police instade of registering the FIR took only Statement of Mr. Majid Bhai and send him back.

6)    Further, the said Mob put the shops of Mr. Afroz Khan, Mr. Pasha Shaikh and Mr. Sayed Arshad on fire by pouring Petrol. The Partur Police have not registered the FIR of these Three Persons and only took the Statements of these Three Victims.

7)    The Mob then put the “Imran Tea House” a Hotel owned by Mr. Goremiya Abdul Nabi Bagwan on fire by braking lock of it and put the entire furniture on fire. The Police herein this also abuses the victim i.e. Mr. Goremiya Abdul Nabi Bagwan on his religion instade of registering offence against the culprits.                

8)    The violent mob also went to Dr. Munir Kadri’s Clinic and Medical Store and with intention to kill started stone planting towards Dr. Munir Kadri’s clinic and Medical Store. At that time the Clinic was full of patients, due to quick act to close the shutter of the Clinic and shop of Dr. Kadri it saves lifes of patients. It is very important to note that area where Dr. Kadri’s Clinic is surrounded by Hindu Peoples shops also but the violent Mob by pouring Petrol put Dr. Kadri’s clinic and medical store on fire. Dr. Kadri tried to register the FIR of this incident against the persons involved in this riot on his clinic and shop, but the Police have not taken any cognizance of the same. The Police only recorded the Statement of Dr. Kadri in this offence and did not arrest any person.

9)    Further, it is important to note that the said violent mob attack on the fruit shop owned by Mr. Mohd. Rafiq Bagwan, the said violent mob through all fruit stock of the shop on the street and also abuses Mr. Mohd. Rafiq Bagwan on his religion. Further, the violent mob has stolen material from the Mandap (Dekoration) shop of Mohd. Arif Mohd. Ismail by braking the lock and also tried to put the said shop on fire but did not succeeded in the same. The said violent mob had chosen not to touch any shop or property owned by Hindu community person. The violent mob was with ulterior motive to destroy the property only belonging to Muslim Community actively participated in the said riot. The entire riot was preplanned and to create terrier & to create sense of threat in the Muslim Community instigated the said riot in the city of Partur, Dist. Jalna.

10)    It is important to note that after the said riot the above Team visited the Superintendent of Police, Senior Police Inspector, Tahsildar of Jalna. During the visit with the S. P. Jalna he said that, “Due to lack of Police force, the Police could not control the violent mob during the said riot.” Further few questions were asked by the Fact Finding Team to the Government officials regarding the rout of the Procession & Rath Yatra, permissions for the said procession, how much Police were diploid with the procession, ambulances and riot controlling force were there with the procession or not ? All these questions were not properly and satisfactorily answered by the Police Officials as well as Government Officials of Partur Jalna.  

:: C O N C L U S I O N :: 

It is important to note that during the Fact Finding the Team has came across some of the important facts, which are materially very important in this regards and the same are as under :

a.    The Government officials has granted permission to the said procession but they have not scheduled the road map to the said procession.

b.    The Government officials have also not considered the situation that, if in worst situation if something goes wrong then to control the violent mob there were not enough Police Officials depolied with the procession alongwith the Ambulance, Fire Brigade Van, Anti Riot Squad etc., which was required as precautionary measures to avoid further complications.

c.    It is further observed that the Partur Police PSO Bhurewal and other Police Officials have worked with a Partisan approach toward a particular community and cause damage to the victims.

d.    It is also very painful to note that the Partur Police with ulterior motive to create terrier & fear in Muslim Community book innocent Muslim in false & fabricated cases during the said riot and keep a safe side the main culprits.

e.    The conduct of the Partur Police instade of registering the FIR, Police showed cruel approach towards the victims by recording only Statements.

f.    The act done beyond the official duty of Police by not taking any strict action against the violent mob and the leaders & organizers of the Procession & Rath Yatra, it give a sense to the culprits that they are scot free and no law can do any harm to the violent mob and Police officials are at their feets.

g.    Further, due to the partisan approach of the Police and by giving free hand to the violent mob, it is easily ascertained that the said entire riot was preplanned and supported by the Police. The violent mob was carrying materials like Petrol and other fire liquids. This can be done only with the pre intention and with support of the Police.    

h.    It is also important to note that violent mob was targeting the property only belongs to the Muslim Community and the Police were spectator’s inspite of the Police Station was situated within the vicinity of the rioting area.

i. The important thing to be noted that the Partur Police & PSO Bhurewal have not done their official and constitutional duty towards the citizens of our nation. The Police have acted as a miscreants by not helping the victims. Hence, in this situation, the Police does not have any moral to stay on their post. The Police have completely failed to perform their part to protect the human life and property guaranteed by the Constitution of India, hence required to be prosecuted like ordinary common man. Since there are lots of Hon’ble Supreme Court’s ruling on such act or conduct of Police and for this there is no impediment to take prior permission of Government to prosecute such Police Person in ordinary course of Law before the Court. 

:: R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S :: 

After the Fact Finding Team of NCHRO, hereby recommendation to the following things to restore the faith in Law & Order as well as the Police Department, which is as under :

i.    Provide immediate & adequate compensation to the victims and affected individuals and families, also who have been illegally tortured and destroyed their properties, shop, clinic by the miscreants.

ii.    Disciplinary action should be taken against the PSO Bhurewal & other Purtur Police Officials and also they should be suspended/dismissed immediately, who with his officials violated the Human Rights of Citizens.

iii.    There should be a proper and fair investigation first and then the Police can arrest the real culprits, whosoever they may be.

iv.    The FIR should be registered against the PSO Bhurewal and his officials immediately.

v.    The Riot Investigation should be transferred to any other IPS Officer and the PSO Bhurewal & Officials of Partur Police Station should be expelled from this case immediately.

vi.    Further, proper guideline with root map and with Proper Police Force any procession/s of all religions may granted.

Place : Partur.                        Your sincerely,

Mohammad Abidali
District Coordinator
NCHRO, Nanded.


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