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altSheopur (Madhya Pradesh) : “The administration is the only responsible for the communal tension occurred last days, for holding RSS shakha in the city”, human rights organization NCHRO alleged through a press conference. Fact finding team member,Dr Kalpana Chittorgarh, Joint Secretary, NCHRO Rajasthan said that if the administration wanted it could control the situation by bringing the two groups to compromise, but it made the situation tenser by taking partial actions.Police failures to deal effectively with communal tension arise mainly from their own inadequacies and also from unabashed politics at the local level.  One of the team members Ansar Indori said that calling no meeting of Peace Committee even days after the incident took place, proves that the administration did not intend to end the tension from the region. On the other hand the actions taken by the administration till now were totally partial. The police took immediate actions on the FIR filed by the Hindu organizations and put persons belonging to the Muslim community behind bars after arresting them. Maintenance of public order is a sovereign function of the state  administrative machinery has become so highly politicised that it is rendered incapable of carrying out basic sovereign functions.

Even after the Muslim community filed four complaints and submitted two memorandums, but none of the alleged persons has been arrested yet and so far administration has not initiated any meaningful action on these cases. Laxity in enforcing the law and the failure to punish those involved sends the wrong signals to both law-breakers and law enforcers across the region.

The administration arrested people who were not involved in this case. Another team member Tikam Shakya said that it seems to be a trail in Sheopur of growing atmosphere of hatred in the country. A retired policeman has planned all those conspiracies to implement the agenda of the
RSS which was subsequently implemented by the RSS. The RSS called its cadres from neighboring areas to gather in Sheopur and put pressure on the administration. The fact finding team found in its investigation that there was a sense of fear among the minorities of the areas near to the incident place as well as among the families of the arrested persons. The statement of S.P in this regard, “we prevented Muslim community from filing an FIR on the day of incident” shows that the police is working under pressure. This partial action by the police will never end the tension,
rather it will promote the feelings of fascism, fear and insecurity among the minorities. Many inquiry commissions have held in the country pointed several times that the initial softness of administration had almost always proved to be an encouragement to anti-social elements.

Shabbir Hussain, General Secretary, NCHRO Rajasthan Chapter said at the press conference that the fact finding team would soon prepare its report and send it to the Human Rights Commission and other concerned departments.
Independent India established a governmental structure committed to secularism and democracy. Its constitution guarantees equal treatment before the law to all individuals regardless of community background. Communal tensions inflict more long term social trauma , by dividing communities
on the basis of religion or caste. The majority of those who organized or participated in communal violence, though readily identifiable, were not detained or prosecuted by either the police or judicial authorities.

NCHRO demands police register all cases  regardless of the religious background of the complainant,  failure to punish those who incite violence leaves guilt upon the administration.


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