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altNew Delhi, April 9: People observed a day long fast on Sunday near the parliament at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to protest Alwar lynching incident where cow vigilantes (Gau Rakshaks) killed a dairy farmer Pehlu Khan and brutally beaten up some other Dairy farmers last week.
On 1st April, a group of self-styled cow vigilantes allegedly killed dairy farmer Pehlu Khan and brutally assaulted four others when they were travelling in trucks in Behror area of Alwar,.  They were brutally beaten up by on their way to Haryana from Jaipur. They had purchased some cows and calves from the Rajasthan government cattle fare in Jaipur and had valid papers from the Municipal authorities.
Mob violence as well as state crackdown targeted at meat , cattle traders and now dairy farmers, accusing them of cow slaughter, seems to have become routine. The instances of organised hatred, isolation and violence in the name of gau raksha is increasing day by day.
Violent vigilante bands calling themselves gau-rakshaks seem to have unleashed a reign of terror, unmindful of the law of the  land. Cow protection cannot be a cover for the pursuit of the kind of aggressive vigilantism that has been witnessed in different parts of the country.
"Cow vigilant groups are criminal and it's shameful that government is unable to check them. It's more shameful when our leaders in Parliament deny such incidents. Gau Rakshaks are misguiding people in the name of religion and destroying the future of next generation, society and country," said social activist Ravi Nitesh while observing the fast. "Religion always forbids one from becoming violent, extremist. Religion always gives message of non-violence, truth, sacrifice and compassion. Govt. and society should not allow violence in the name of religion," Nitesh appealed.
altRam Mohan Rai, a Supreme Court lawyer condemned the Alwar lynching incident and asked: "Will country be run as per Constitution or wishes of few people?" "Government can't escape by saying a mob did this act. It should follow Raj Dharma," he averred.
Both Rajasthan, where the attack on Pehlu Khan and others took place, and Haryana have Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) governments and cow vigilante groups are active in these states. Expressing his grievance over violence in the name of cow protection, Sanjay Rai, a member of
Rashtrya Yuva Yojna said that  "In the name of Cow, people are being killed and a violent society is being built up. Such society was not dreamed by Mahatma Gandhi and other nation builders".
Devika Mittal, a research scholar said: "The violence in that is happening in the name of cow has to be condemned." "We are living a country now where it is imposed that what we need to eat? Who we need to talk to? Where do we have to go? What we have to speak?"We are moving towards a fascist state. Democracy and secularism is in threat in India now," she said.
To mark their protest against growing violence by cow vigilantes, many people observed fast and appealed to the government to take action against the culprits. Ansar Indori and Siraj represented NCHRO along with  Ghazanafar and Anshul.
NCHRO beleives that the recent incidents of violent cow vigilantism are sign of deep rooted malaise that must be sternly dealt with lest the situation gets out of hand completely. Mere political rhetoric and half-hearted condemnation will not work. It is time to pause and introspect. Are we
heading towards rabid majoritarianism giving up our constitutional vision of democracy and secularism?
The Constitution guarantees certain fundamental rights and freedoms, which protect the enormous diversity that marks India’s large population spread over a vast geography against homogenising impulses of any kind. Language, religion, ethnic origins, food habits, ways of pursuing spiritual fulfilment, all vary across the nation, depending on region, social group etc.

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