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Seminar Excerpts:-

Dr. Suresh Khairnar who has recently returned from Kashmir after spending a meaningful time to witness the situation on ground. Apart from meeting commoners, Dr. Khairnar also met media professionals, separatist leaders and a few mainstream leaders in his trip. Since his return he has been travelling all across India conducting interactive sessions with people from diverse sects of Indian civil society to share his recent Kashmir experiences.   Dr. Khairnar talked about the  peoples fate who experienced extreme violence ,Most still had post-traumatic stress disorder and narrates the over use of lethal weapons like pellet guns. He extends his sympathy to all people who have lost their lives, eyes or their body organs to the bullets and pellets.

The Bandh in Kashmir is more than six months old.  Suffering there for common men and women is untold. When the central and state governments are apparently insensitive to this problem, it is the responsibility of Indian civil society to respond to this situation and make effort to revoke the Bandh that has brought life to a grinding halt.

He explained the war in terms of a policy driven more by the political interests of political players on both sides of the LOC than any ethical jurisdictions. A re-occurring theme throughout the seminar was that we cannot simply look at the past to predict the future: we are living in a fundamentally changing world.

Dr.Khairnar explained the factors associated with conflict and point towards the social, economic, political fragility and legitimised torture in the Kashmir region. His personal experience after his visit to Kashmir valley is quite different now from what one might expect based on the daily news we consume. The lecture reminded the responsibility of the state to Protect and Transitional Justice for every citizen.

Delegates from various section of the society attended and participated.

RSD is organizing ‘Chalo Kashmir’ campaign on March 23; and these seminars were the part of the nationwide awareness programme.

Chennai Seminar:-

12 March 2017, Chennai: Rashtra Seva Dal (RSD) hosted a human rights seminar at Chennai here on Sunday. The seminar was led by social activist Dr.Suresh Khairnar. The seminar took place at Madras Reporters Guild, Chepauk.

Prof. A.Marx, Chair Person of National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO), chaired the event.

Advocate Shahjahan N.M, State General Secretary, NCHRO delivered the introductory speech.  M. Nagore Meeran (State Executive Member, Popular Front of India) , Riyaz Ahmed (Associate Editor, Puthiya Vidial, Tamil fortnightly) also spoke in the seminar.

The programme in Chennai was concluded with a presentation and a remark by Adv.Nizam, Madras High Court.

Bangalore Seminar:-

A National Seminar on  'People's Response to Kashmir' was held On 11 March, 2017 at the Urdu Hall, Bangalore. The Seminar was organized by Rashtra Seva Dal .

Dr.Suresh Khairnar delivered the Key note Address. Dr. B.P. Mahesh Chandra Guru, Professor of Journalism, Mysore University (Vice President NCHRO Karnataka) chaired the event.

Rev. Manohar Chadra Prashad(Dalith Christian Association), Laksman G (Jati Vinashaka Vedike),  Rangaswamy (Editor Barukolu Fortnightly, Mysore) were also spoke.

Mohammed  Kakkinje was the program convener of the Bangalore Seminar.

Jaipur Program:-

14 March 2017,  Dr.Suresh Khairnaar is the key note speaker at Jaipur  seminar held at Ambedkar Memorial Welfare Society Hall, Jhalana Dungri, Jaipur.

Retd. Judge R.K. Ankodia (NCHRO state president and former SHRC commission member ) delivered presidential  address.

Ansaar Indori  programme convener given the Welcome speech and Vote of thanks proposed by  NCHRO state joint secretary Adv. Aetimad Ajmeri.



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