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19-Jan-2017, Thursday

altKochi:   At a get-together conducted by NCHRO Kerala Chapter  in Kochi , Former Bombay High Court judge, Justice Kolse Patil argued that RSS objective is to establish a state that derive on the principles and injunctions of  ‘Manusmrithi’  rather than the Constitution of India.

This state will be an enemy of Dalits, Tribals and all those who follow a different faith and opposite of the principle that all humans are born equal. It will be an inhuman, dangerous and perverted dictatorship governed by brute force than ever seen before.


Hence it is the duty of all patriotic and democratic people of India to take the fight against RSS at every opportunity, unite in order to save our country and work  to uphold the dignity of the Constitution and ensure its implementation.

The ideology of the RSS is based on ‘Hindutva’, which is inseparable from the Varna and Caste system that promotes Arya Brahmins and thus dividing people superior and inferior. They had tried to kill Mahatma Gandhi several times after Independence struggle become popular and when leaders of the independence movement came from cross sections of people.  At last they killed Mahatma.

They are working in different faces and have commendable positions in most of the major Political Parties, Military, Judiciary, Executive, Media etc. This is evident from the various innocent Muslims accused in the blast cases and now Lt Col Shrikant Purohit's participation in several blasts got a different flavor and diversion and likely the cases against him will sabotage and already systematically weakened. How Lt Col. Purohit got RDX is still mysterious?  All shows the nexus behind that destroying our country.


Now Uniform Civil code is bringing up framed in a communally vitiated manner and that is to diverts our attention from what is occurring in the country, Such controversies are part of the polarizing agenda of Hindutva to divert attention that is, the economic conditions of our country in which people are living, the poverty, unemployment, lack of housing and medical care and so on. The Articles of the Constitution as well as the spirit of the Preamble both underscore the spirit of socialism and secularism and now the cry is to remove them.  Ultimately, liberty can be protected only if people care enough to fight for it, Justice Kolse Patil added.

Justice PK Shamsuddin who given introductory lecture pointed out that the unilateral use of UAPA is dangerous.  The best assurance of constitutional health is the consistent impartial application of the law and all its judicial precedents.

NCHRO Kerala Chapter President Vilayodi Sivankutty and Secretary MA Shahnawaz etc. were present.




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