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14-June-2016 Kozhikode, Kerala
Three Bangladeshi women have been staying at the Mahila Mandiram, Kozhikode, Kerala for many years, after being denied permission to return to their homeland. It has been eight years since they came to Kozhikode trapped in a sex racket as teenagers.
The women were brought to the State by a human trafficking racket. The accused in the cases are reportedly absconding. The police have not allowed the women to go back to Bangladesh as they are the witnesses in the cases which are yet to be solved.
One more Bangladeshi girl is being housed in another After Care Home in the city. She is a witness in a criminal case being investigated by the Bengaluru police.
These girls left their homes in Bangladesh at the age of 13 or 14 to find a job and feed their hungry siblings and ailing parents. In their vulnerable state, they trusted the people who posed as saviors. The fate that awaited them was to be sex slaves to a few rich and powerful men.
They somehow escaped and were sheltered in the government children’s home in Kozhikode.
Even though they had the consent of the Child Welfare Committee and Public prosecutor who is dealing with their case along with a written affidavit that they would return any time they were called for, the women could not go home due to technical problems .
Recently, an opportunity to repatriate them back to their homeland was spoiled due to technical glitches. “What is our crime? Why are we the ones detained within the walls of a shelter home when those who victimized us roam freely?” they ask.
The State Human Rights Commission sought the intervention of the National Human Rights Commission as it cannot decide on the cases that have been registered in Kerala and Karnataka.
The decision comes as a response to a petition filed by an NGO, 'Arm of Joy', pointing out the grave violation of human rights in the case.
NCHRO Kerala Chapter President Vilayodi Shivankutty lead delegation including A Vasu and MK Sharafudheen visited the victimized girls at the Mahila Mandiram. They also spoke with Ms. Sathi Superintendent of Mahila Mandiram in detail.
NCHRO offered assistance for strengthened justice responses, protection and support to victims.
NCHRO believes Sex trafficking violates women’s right to life, dignity, liberty and security of person. Regardless of the route of entry, most women and children trafficked for sexual exploitation suffer extreme violations of their human rights, the right to be free from violence, and the right to health.

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