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NCHRO Karnataka
altBangalore, 14-May-2016:- The NCHRO Karnataka Chapter has elected a new President and Members for 2016 -17.
Adv. S. Balan, Senior Advocate, Karnataka High Court,  who was selected as President, will be assisted by two Vice-Presidents and one General Secretary namely:-
President: - Adv. S. Balan, Senior Advocate, Karnataka High Court.
Vice President:-
1. Dr. B.P. Mahesh Chandra Guru, Professor of Journalism, Mysore University.
2. Prof Nagaragere Ramesh, Retd. Principal, National College Bangalore.
General Secretary:- Mohammed Kakkinje
Organising Secretary:- Gnana Murthy
Joint Secretary:-
1. Padmashree
2. Adv. Anas
3. Shoaib
Treasurer:- Adv. Ashrag Agnady
Delivering his acceptance speech, President Adv. S. Balan insisted to do more to ensure that human rights are promoted, protected and respected and pledged his commitment to ensuring civil society space and participation. The language of fascism and its glorification of violence and extermination have deeply disfigured Indian public life. Every day threat of mindless targeted violence has become a terrifying reality and justice to the victims of perpetrated pogroms seeming distant, he added.
Mohammed Kakkinje, new General Secretary emphasized, that to ensure that the NCHRO is a effective forum in which to expose human rights violations, seek justice for victims, and promote accountability for perpetrators and reminded that the most important measure of the Council's success is it’s impact on the ground.

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