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altApril 30, 2016 Goa : Meeting of Sagar Dhara with the San Jose de Areal Locals along with Panch members,  Community Development members, Goa Carbon Officials & MLA-Benjamin Silva at Panchayat Hall was very effective.
NCHRO-GOA Secretary, Mr. Cyril Fernandez played a pivotal role in addressing the 'Pollution Issue' without hurting sentiments of everybody present. Mr. Dhara explained the consequences of air pollution emitted by Goa Carbon Factory in the long run &  how it can be effectively controlled by working in cooperation.The visit of Environmental Scientist, Mr. Sagar Dhara was a most fruitful one for everyone concerned.

5.15 pm-  'Sustainable Development & Equality'  a talk by Mr. Sagar Dhara was held at Hotel Avenue, Margao-Goa.
Mr. Cyril Fernandez compered the Program & explained the purpose of this meet & introduced Mr. Dhara in detail to the people present. Father Savio welcomed the Guests on & off the dais.
Mr. Sagar Dhara  is the renowned Air Pollution expert in India, his knowledge is used by United Nations Pollution Control Body. Supreme Court has used his expertise in giving Pollution related Verdicts, he is the member of A.P Pollution Control Board.
Based on his report Goa Government  refrained  from Meta strip where scrap material is used for manufacturing.
His qualification & experience list is endless. He was inspirational throughout his talk & presentation. He said that everybody is using development as a Trump card, it may be Politicians, Builders, Mining barons etc.  without knowing it's true or caring damn about Environment.
His Speech kept everybody spellbound as not a single person moved out for the entire 2 hours.
Every concerned citizen  present  in the talk got to know the true meaning/way of 'Sustainable Development & Equality'.
altAttendees posed different questions & received satisfactory answers.
Hope, such knowledgeable & educative Programme's are held regularly to help Our People understand & work effectively..


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Home | | NCHRO | | NCHRO News | | Sustainable Development & Equality - NCHRO Goa Chapter conducted Seminar.