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altFact Finding Report of the death of the Dalit Girl Student in Nokha – Rajasthan.  NCHRO – Rajasthan Chapter

Members of Fact Finding Team:-
Ansar Indori, Secretary NCHRO Rajasthan,
Dr Kalpana Chittorgarh, Joint Secretary,
Mehboob Ali, Social Worker,
Abdun Naim, Social Worker.

The girl student Delta resident of Garda Road in Barmer had left her small village with many dreams. She had reached Jain Adarsh Girls Education and Training Institute to pursue BST. The family members also were glad that the girl would become self-reliant after study bringing glory to the family but the dreams cherished by the girl got broken even before it comes true. Joys of the family turned to be mourning. There is darkness in the house of the girl. Entire family is shocked. The dead body of the girl was found in the premises of the same college in which she studied.

One team of our organization reached Nokha to find the reality of the case. The team collected facts talking to the police officers, college management, friends of the girl, staff of the college and persons belonging to Meghwal Community.

The information was furnished on 29.03.2016 that the dead body of 17 years student namely Delta was taken out by the police of PS Nokha from the tank of water (the size of whose cover was 18”x18” Inch) behind the hostel of Adarsh Girls Teacher Training Institute Nokha and putting it in waste trolley of the Municipal Corporation by which dirt waste of the area is thrown outside the city was sent to the local Hospital for PM. The family members of the student submitted the written report to the police that the physical teacher Vijendra Singh victimizing her for his lust murdered her throwing her dead body in water tank and he tried to mislead the administration fabricating the suicide story to conceal his sin.

One team of NCHRO was sent on 01.04.2016 as per the order of R.K. Ankodia, State President of National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations on 01.04.2016 to prepare the fact fining report of the incident mentioned above.

The team along with the Dr Kalpana Begu, Mehboob Ali Chittor and Abdun Naim Kota in direction of the State Secretary Ansar Indori reached Nokha at 10.00 am. The team included the social worker Jugal Hatila also in the team and first of all it reached to the Investigating Officer Shri Satnam Singh SP and the trainee Puja Yadav assisting him in the investigation in their chamber at the police station Nokha to find facts. When the SP did not give any attention despite waiting for a long time, the State Secretary Ansar Indori who was leading the team requested him to give the time of 10 minutes to them so that they could arrive at any conclusion by obtaining information about the concerned parties in the investigation of the case.

The Investigating Officer Shri Satnam SDP informed the team that an employee of the institute informed that one student in the institution committed suicide on 29.06.2016 by jumping in water tank. Two persons Kanhaiyalal and Sandeep Lalit were sent from the police station to the place of occurrence. The dead body was taken out from the water tank and it was sent to the mortuary of the local hospital for postmortem. The Investigating Officer further stated that the postmortem report has been received on 31st March afternoon. There is injury marks on the body. Water has not been found in lungs. It happens sometimes when water and other materials cannot go in the stomach because of pressure due to any reason in the pharynx in the neck of the person drowning.
We have arrested PTI Vijendra Singh. PC would be taken by producing him before the Court on 01.04.2016. The investigation is going on under Section 376, 3 SC ST, 506 Posco Act. AT this time 302 has not been imposed because the decision would be made only upon receiving FSL report as to whether or not this section would be imposed. The main office bearer of the institute Shri Ishwar Chand Vaish is not being contacted and we came to know from other persons that the girl had been found in the room of PTI on 28th March at 2.00 am. Both the persons admitting their guilt wrote apology. They say that the contact between the girl and PTI was for 2-3 months. The attempts to take out mobile call details are being made. The father of the girl lodged the written report on 30th March, on the basis of which the police have recorded FIR.

(Note: Incident took place on 29th March. Despite passage of 24 hours, the police did not record any FIR. Evidence can be deleted during so much time or the person involved in the incident may abscond or they fabricate the story.)

Thereafter, our team reached the college campus where we met with Dr Rajendra Shrimali, Principal of B.Ed. College. The Principal Dr Rajendra Shrimali told the team that four units are being run in this institute, in which senior secondary school of CBSE, one degree college, one BST College and one B.Ed. College are functioning. I have assumed the charge of BST College for 5-6 months. The student namely Delta resident of Garad Barmer was the daughter of Mahendra Meghwal. PTI namely Vijendra Singh had joined our college only four months back. Vijendra was acquainted with Priya Shukla and her husband. He was posted here on the recommendations of this couple. There are some staff quarters in addition to a girls’ hostel in the campus. Other rooms are built only at some distance, in which Vijendra resided. Vijendra Singh is married, but his wife had not come with her yet. I came to know on 30th March about the incident occurred in the night of 29th March after the dead body was found. Only four girl students had come in the girls’ hostel after Holi Holidays. Priya Shukla herself is the warden of this Girls’ Hostel. Only she can inform us about the reality as to what happened on 29th and 30th March.

Thereafter, the Principal Shrimali sending the peon called Priya Shukla. Priya Shukla without asking any question narrated the entire story to our team. She stated that I am not formally appointed on the post of Warden but I have to discharge the duty of the warden as I am residing in the staff quarter in the premises of the institute. I got information at 12.00 pm on 28th March that the girl namely Delta is not present in the hostel. Only four girls have returned to the hostel at the time after celebrating holidays. Priya Madam told through another woman Lila Madam who resided in the hostel itself with these other students that Lila Madam furnished information by telephonic call that the girl was missing. Her search began in the premises. Since it was night, Priya Shukla called her husband PP Shukla as well and PTI Vijendra Singh residing in the premises was called by telephone to assist in search of the girl. When PTI did not come out for a long time, Shukla Madam knocked at the door of the room of PTI. PTI Rajendra Shukla opened the door after some time. He was told that one girl of the hostel namely Delta is missing from the hostel, who is to be found out. PTI Vijendra Singh also participated with them. At the same time, closing the door of his room he put pressure on Priya Shukla to come along for search. When Priya Shukla apprehended, when she switched light on opening the door of the room of PTI, the girl namely Delta was present in her room. When PTI was asked why and how the girl came there, PTI replied that Delta had asked for gooseberry so she had come to take gooseberry. It had struck 1.30 am. Delta and Vijendra admitted their guilt and they promised that they would not commit any such an act in future. Both Priya Shukla and her husband getting them write apology tried to resolve the issue in the very night. Lila Madam informed Priya Shukla on 29th March at 7.00 am again by telephone that the girl Delta who got missing in the night was not being seen in the hostel. Her search in the premises started again. Watchman of the premises Hanuman informed Shukla Madam at about 11.00 that the dead body of Delta was lying in water tank. Then, the Madam informed the chairman of the institute Ishwar Chand Vaidh and dead body was taken out from tank calling the police. The members of the team did not find watchman of the institution so his statement could not be recorded. We found the person namely Ghasiram Meghwal at the main door of the institute while returning from the institution, who does the works of Mason Mechanic in the institute. He told that the Chairman of the institute, Ishwar Chand Vaidh had told only 15 days back that water tank near the girls’ hostel is leaking, water does not stay in it. I have to repair the tank. I did not repair water tank and I came to know that the dead body of a girl got recovered from that tank.
When our team went to meet Suresh Hatila, the principal of Government Upper Primary School, he told that Delta was a serious nature very sensible girl. She had given lessons plan of her BST in our school itself. Her teaching method was effective and very good and she prepared her lessons plan working hard. The girl was an expert in painting. She had also garnered praise from the Chief Minister of the State. Such a student can never commit suicide. Unfortunately, the incident occurred. It would create a sense of insecurity among the students of Dalit Community. We demand that the harshest punishment be handed over to the guilty persons.

1.    Had Priya Shukla, her husband and staff members not concealed the incident of 28th March and immediately informed the police and officials of the institute, Delta could have been saved from dying.
2.    To give room to a person who does not have family or wife in Girls’ Hostel would fall under a major mistake of the Administration of the institute.
3.    When Priya Madam got the information about missing of Delta again on 29th March at 7.00 am, not to inform the office bearers of the institute, the principal of college and the administration discharging the duty of warden makes the entire matter doubtful.
4.    The water tank in which Delta was found dead is 6 fit deep. The important fact is that the tank is fully covered. There is the hole of only 1.5” x 1.5” on which there is the cover and there is full arrangement to put lock in its hasp and the team saw one old lock also. The warden and the directors of the institute not to get the hasp locked is a serious negligence.
5.    It is not possible on the basis of the mouth and depth of the hasp that 17 years student Delta having strong built of 5 ft 4 inch might have come down in it.
6.    The police did not conduct videography while taking out the dead body and nor was the panchnama of the dead body prepared on the spot.
7.    After the dead body was taken out, the eyewitness press reporter Pawan Kumar himself took photographs. There were injuries on the body and blood was oozing from the ear. Blood to ooze from the ear in the death of drowning creates doubt.
8.    Delta is a daughter belonging to a poor Dalit Family, whose political base not being in existence the directors of the institute are trying to suppress the matter.
The team has arrived at the conclusion keeping in view all these facts that the deceased Delta has not committed suicide. She has died in serious doubtful circumstances, whose inquiry should be conducted impartially by the independent agency. Our team demands that if the investigation of the case is carried out by CBI, all secrets may be fully disclosed.

NCHRO believes that the lives of our daughters residing in the Educational Institute and hostel are in extreme danger. If the offenders are punished properly and immediately, it would not be possible to protect the dignity of our generations particularly our daughters.

Press Conference:-
NCHRO demands CBI probe into Dalit girl's alleged rape-murder   

altJaipur, April 7: A fact-finding team of NCHRO has demanded a CBI probe into the alleged rape-murder of dalit girl student Delta Meghwal. The 17-year-old girl's body was found in the water tank of her hostel in Bikaner on 29th March.

A team of National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) visited the Jain Adarsh Teacher Training Institute, talked to the principal and other staffers. They also talked to the local police and police officer investigating the case.

"NCHRO team has concluded that Delta did not commit suicide, rather she died in serious suspicious condition which should be probed by an independent agency.  Our team also demands that if this case is probed by CBI all mysteries will be unveiled," said NCHRO in a media statement

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