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NCHRO Kerala

March 21, 2016 Kochi :- Reny Ayline, National Secratary of National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) had approached the NIA court in Kochi seeking reply. To his surprise, Reny received a letter from the public relation officer of the NIA court office in Kochi asking proof of his nationality. The reply quoted Frequently Answered Questions (1.2), terming it as clause under the Act, while seeking the information from the applicant.

Reny had sought information regarding the date on which NIA court was set up in Kerala, the number of cases it has settled and cases under trial.

The public relation officer asked proof or affidavit showing his nationality as Indian and to produce it at the earliest. "I have been filing RTI queries for many years. Though many officers denied replies saying baseless reasons or secretive nature of the subject, I had never received a letter inquiring about nationality. I am living in this country paying all the taxes. There is no secretive nature in the questions I have asked. But I will move forward with the queries by submitting proof of my nationality of Indian citizenship," Reny said.


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