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altMar 28, 2016, Hyderabad:-  Nearly a week after they were arrested, 25 students and two professors from the Hyderabad Central University have been granted bail.  A team of service minded Advocates Mr. Ragunath, Mr. Bheemrao, Mr. Shakeel and 4 junior advocates tirelessly worked for their Bail.


NCHRO Telangana chapter Convener Mohamed Abid and other leaders worked with the advocate team.


The NCHRO was at the forefront in supporting students in Hyderabad Central University. NCHRO team lead by Prof A Marx, visited the campus and held a press conference at Hyderabad on January 28 & 29 and now NCHRO render the legal support to the students to come out on bail. NCHRO Legal team had done all documentation work for three days along with the Advocate team.

Rohith Vemula’s suicide in the University of Hyderabad brings into the open the deep-seated biases and discrimination against various section of students, especially in institutions of higher education in the country.


NCHRO believes Bail is a very important feature of our justice system. Detaining an individual who has not been found guilty by a court of committing an offence is a very serious incursion on liberty . Legal support of NCHRO  will continue to the HCU students.



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