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NCHRO Tamil Nadu


 President Adv. T Lajapathi Roy (Madurai)
 Vice President
 Najamuddin, Ex-MLA (Nellai)
  Adv. Jahangir Basha (Madurai)
 General Secretary Mohamed Mubarak (Nellai)
 Secretary Prof. A.Marx, (Chennai)
  Advocate Vivekanandan (Kumbakonam)
 Treasurer Adv. Mohamed Ali Jinnah, Madurai
 Public Relations Officer
 RA Shakoor, Chennai
 The Executive Committee Members Advocate N M Shajahan, Madurai
  Advocate Naufal, Coimbatore
  Advocate Mohamed Abbas, Madurai
  Advocate R Murugan kumar, Nellai
  Sayed Ali, Nagercoil
  Advocate A Syed Abdul Kadar, Madurai
  Advocate Hari Babu, Salem
  A Muhamed Yusuf, Madurai
 National core committee members from the state G.Subramaniam(Manitham)
  Adv.Sunder Rajan. P
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