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Appeasment of Muslims: Tomichan Matheikal PDF Print E-mail
Appeasement of the minority communities in India is what allegedly drives the adrenalin of the menacingly increasing number of Sangh Parivar outfits. The ire of these outfits is usually directed against the Muslim communities since they are said to be constantly "appeased" by various governments, both at the Centre and in the states. In the last few years the Christians too have incurred the wrath of the "majority". This article examines the issue of Muslim appeasement since that community has been at the worst receiving end of the minority-hatred spawned by the Parivar outfits.
It is 26 years since Nellie massacre: victims still await justice PDF Print E-mail
It is 26 years since Nellie massacre in Assam where thousands of Muslims were killed in a single night. The affects of the massacres can still be felt on the psyche of the Muslim community. They still await justice from India’s judiciary.  Government does not give them hope. As they have been neglected after successive governments, both at the state level and from central governments.
If India runs out of cash, will the West step in to help? PDF Print E-mail
Op Ed

Should the world’s poor be given a bail-out to prevent mass unrest, or are many of them feeling rather better off than they did a year ago? These contradictory arguments are both suddenly in vogue.

Jharkhand Indigenous People's Forum, Ranchi PDF Print E-mail
Interesting Events

We are extremely pleased to invite you on the occassion of Book Releasing Ceremony of a book entitled "Ulgulan Ka Sauda" written by an emerging Human Rights Activist and Writer Gladson Dungdung published by the "Jharkhand Indigenous People's Forum, Ranchi. The Book will be jointly released by the prominent personalities of Jharkhand.

Malegaon terror attack A running thread of deep saffron PDF Print E-mail
Hindutva terror modulesThe people behind the Malegaon terrorist attack fell into three categories — Sangh parivar cadres, army men and old Savarkarites. The first person to be arrested by the police, Pragya Singh, was a sadhvi and former ABVP leader. A second group of the accused comprised army men, retired or not, related to the Bhonsle Military School (BMS). Major Ramesh Upadhyay, a former defence services officer was arrested first, but the key figure was Lt Col Prasad Purohit, who had approached Upadhyay when he was posted at Nasik as liaison officer. Purohit and Upadhyay imparted military training to young activists — including bomb making — and were instrumental in getting arms and explosives.
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