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AICC Report says 2008 was ‘horrible year’ for Christians in India PDF Print E-mail

The 2008 annual report of the All India Christian Council has showed that it was a “horrible year” for Christians in India, who were subjected to waves of violence and attacks. The report called the constant persecution Christians were subjected to in the state of Orrisa, “ethnic cleansing” and “the fruit of Hindu-inspired terrorism.” According to the Fides news agency, the AICC report indicates that there were “106 isolated attacks against Christian persons or structures, which have affected 16 states of India, with an average of 9 acts of violence per month.”

Subjugation of women rights in India lead to violation of human rights PDF Print E-mail

Human rights as an issue occupies centre stage in contemporary public debate. Part of the debate on Human rights is about the origin and significance of the notion itself. Changes in a society demand changes in the way of maintaining social order. The techniques of social control are also adjusted to changed situations, as no system of social control works perfectly. People often deviate from social and legal norms, although non-conformity varies greatly in form and frequency. Though deviation is perceived as a threat to social stability yet attitude towards deviants keeps on changing with change in beliefs in the causes of deviant behavior in general and crime in particular.

Fake conversions, sham marriages: Making a mockery of legal system PDF Print E-mail
Law and Judiciary

Chander Mohan and Anuradha Bali, now known as Chand Mohammad and Fiza Parveen after conversion to Islam and second marriageThe saga of Chander Mohan-Anuradha Bali, now (in)famously known as Chand Mohammad-Fiza love story, has finally ended into a tailspin of sorts. A peeved Fiza, who allegedly attempted suicide by consuming 25 non-fatal sedative alprazolam tablets, narrated her harrowing tale before the mediapersons in Chandigarh after her newly-wed husband suddenly left her house where he has been staying for the last two months.

The rich borrow and the poor repay PDF Print E-mail
Op Ed

Jacques ATTALIIn a study directed by the economist Jonathan Murdoch, to be published in April 2009, a very concrete, in-depth vision of the world's poorest workers emerges. At a time when we are speaking of so many millions of dollars, and even thousands of millions, it is interesting to take an interest in the real life of real people. From 2000 to 2005, having analyzed more than 250 precarious households (who earn less than $2 a day, the threshold for poverty designated by the World Bank) in India to Bangladesh and in South Africa, these economists are describing for the first time the usage of the rare money that these people have.

PUCL-PUHR Report on bomb-blast accused Abu Bashar PDF Print E-mail

Case of Abu Bashar arrested in connection with serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad

Abul Bashar QasmiMufti Abul Bashar Qasmi Isalhi or Abu Bashar for short, 22 years in age, was literally dragged and kidnapped from his house in Village Beena Para in Azamgarh District of U.P. on 14th August, 2008 at 11 am, by unidentified plainclothesmen who came in two vehicles. Complaints were immediately filed with the local police station as well as faxes sent to the District Magistrate and the CM. Local newspapers reported this event next day. Two days later, on 16th August, 2008, the UP ATS showed his arrest from Charbagh, the Lucknow Railway station area, and the Gujarat Police chief P.C. Pande, in a press conference in Ahmedabad, named him as the mastermind in July 26, 2008, Ahmedabad serial bomb blasts. He was also held responsible for the conspiracy of bombs planted in Surat . After being taken to Ahmedabad by the Gujarat police since then he has been shown to have been arrested a number of times while in police custody in different cases, one after another on 31/8/08, 15/9/08, 30/9/08, 8/10/08, 23/10/08, 6/11/08 and again twice recently, without granting bail in any of the cases, so that his police remand could be extended for what has been a very prolonged interrogation.

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