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Case of Abu Bashar arrested in connection with serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad

Abul Bashar QasmiMufti Abul Bashar Qasmi Isalhi or Abu Bashar for short, 22 years in age, was literally dragged and kidnapped from his house in Village Beena Para in Azamgarh District of U.P. on 14th August, 2008 at 11 am, by unidentified plainclothesmen who came in two vehicles. Complaints were immediately filed with the local police station as well as faxes sent to the District Magistrate and the CM. Local newspapers reported this event next day. Two days later, on 16th August, 2008, the UP ATS showed his arrest from Charbagh, the Lucknow Railway station area, and the Gujarat Police chief P.C. Pande, in a press conference in Ahmedabad, named him as the mastermind in July 26, 2008, Ahmedabad serial bomb blasts. He was also held responsible for the conspiracy of bombs planted in Surat . After being taken to Ahmedabad by the Gujarat police since then he has been shown to have been arrested a number of times while in police custody in different cases, one after another on 31/8/08, 15/9/08, 30/9/08, 8/10/08, 23/10/08, 6/11/08 and again twice recently, without granting bail in any of the cases, so that his police remand could be extended for what has been a very prolonged interrogation.

Release Shamim Modi PDF Print E-mail

Shamim ModiNew Delhi: In a clear case of growing hostility against human rights activists and those voicing for the voiceless, besides rising systematic discrimination against minorities, in BJP-ruled states, young woman social activist Shamim Modi has become the latest victim of the police-politician nexus in Madhya Pradesh.

Appeasment of Muslims: Tomichan Matheikal PDF Print E-mail
Appeasement of the minority communities in India is what allegedly drives the adrenalin of the menacingly increasing number of Sangh Parivar outfits. The ire of these outfits is usually directed against the Muslim communities since they are said to be constantly "appeased" by various governments, both at the Centre and in the states. In the last few years the Christians too have incurred the wrath of the "majority". This article examines the issue of Muslim appeasement since that community has been at the worst receiving end of the minority-hatred spawned by the Parivar outfits.
Only inspectors torture in India PDF Print E-mail
London, Feb 27 (IANS) The co-producer of “Slumdog Millionaire” says one of the best things to come out of the Oscar winning movie is the debate on poverty and torture that it has sparked in India. Christian Colson disclosed that when the filmmakers sought the initial permission of the government, the only thing the ministry of culture objected to was a scene in the script where the hero is tortured by a Mumbai deputy commissioner of police.
It is 26 years since Nellie massacre: victims still await justice PDF Print E-mail
It is 26 years since Nellie massacre in Assam where thousands of Muslims were killed in a single night. The affects of the massacres can still be felt on the psyche of the Muslim community. They still await justice from India’s judiciary.  Government does not give them hope. As they have been neglected after successive governments, both at the state level and from central governments.
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