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Kerala Police fires at fishing community, six dead PDF Print E-mail

Six persons  from  the Muslim fishing  community were killed when the Kerala police opened fire to end a clash between two groups in the Cheriyathura-Beemapally coastal area on the outskirts of the Thiruvananthapuram  city on Sunday evening ( May 17, 2009). In the police firing four Muslims were killed on the spot while  two died later in the hospital. The dead as identified as Ahammed Saleem (50), Badusha (35), Syed Alavi (24), Abdul Hakkeem (27), Firoz (!5).  Kanni Haji (63) succumbed to his injuries on 19th May and the toll rose to six.Thirty- eight persons who were injured in the clashes have been admitted to the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital and several others were admitted to a private hospital. Among three of the admitted,  Shafeeq (21), Sajeer (22),  Ali (34) are having serious head injury.

India top Green index; US consumers rank last PDF Print E-mail

WASHINGTON—In their second annual survey to measure and monitor consumer behaviors that have an impact on the environment, the National Geographic Society and the international polling firm GlobeScan have found an increase in environmentally friendly consumer behavior in 13 of the 14 countries that were surveyed in both 2008 and 2009. Like last year, the top-scoring consumers of 2009 are in the developing economies of India, Brazil and China; American and Canadian consumers again score lowest. 

Consumers registering the best year-on-year improvement in environmentally sustainable consumer behavior are the Spanish, Germans, French and Australians, while Russians and Mexicans show the smallest increase. Brazilians are the only consumers measured in both 2008 and 2009 to show a decrease in their Greendex score.

Corruption: Set-backs in Indian Judiciary : Bala Nikit PDF Print E-mail
Law and Judiciary

When we are born, we inherent the right to life given to us by the gods but the cunning gods never grant us the right to a just and fair life. We try to overcome this defect by making certain social institutions like law, police, courts etc. All these are primarily made to inject the concept of justice in our life and in the society. The judiciary, the principal system present in all the societies, created to mainly to fight injustice, lawlessness and uphold what is just, right and fair. This system if personified as a human being tends to become corrupt and decay or like any normal human being is born with some imperfections.

Migrants detained without reason in Rajasthan PDF Print E-mail
Migrant Workers

Indian JailsThe Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) on 8 May had issued a statement exposing the controversial steps taken by the Rajasthan state government in the excuse of ensuring security in the state. The statement also highlights the misuse of Section 109 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 by the law enforcement agencies, including the judges and lawyers. This provision of law is misused by the authorities, particularly the police and the Executive Magistrates, to lock up the poor migrants who come to the cities in India seeking employment and to escape from poverty, starvation and caste and religion based discrimination in rural India. Unfortunately for many, what awaits them in the city is the brute misuse of law and procedures by the authorities, with which they imprison individuals without any due process of law and with impunity.

Cops accused of murdering Human Rights lawyer PDF Print E-mail

Naushad KashimjiMANGALORE:  Mangalore based human rights advocate Naushad Kashimji (37) was brutally shot dead near his residence at around 8:30 pm. According to the sources he received a phone call when he was at his residence "Sweet Homes" located in Falnir area near Attavar, Mangalore. When he came out of his apartment, two unidentified gunmen fired 7 rounds of bullet, 2 bullets pierced into his chest. After he was shot, Naushad ran about 200 metres for cover before collapsing in an apartment's parking due to excessive bleeding.  According to the sources Naushad was continuously receiving death threats and he disclosed this to his friends that he is feared of police.

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