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altOn 19/02/2017 riots took place at village Partur, District Jalna in the celebration procession of the “Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti” (Shivjayanti). On the said incidence the NCHRO had constituted a Fact Finding Team, (hereinafter for the sake of brevity it is called as “Said Team”). The the respected members of said Team are Mr. Mohammad Abid Ali member of NCHRO, Adv. Mr. Mahendrakumar Vedekar member of Indian Lawyer’s Association Partur, Mr. Sayed Kalim District President Popular Front of India Aurangabad, Mr. Govind Shripal Hiwale from Partur, Mr. Shaikh Abdul Quddus President of Mulnivasi Rastriya Bahujan Karmachari Sangh Jalna, Adv. Mr. Sanjay Khanpate Member of Indian Lawyer’s Association Partur, Mr. Hemant Pahade member of Bharat Mukti Morcha & Social Activist.

The said Team members have visited the spots and also took interviews of various victims as well as Government officials like, Police Officials, Tahasildar and District Collector and after the going details and studying the facts, the respected Team members have come to the conclusion as mentioned in this Fact Finding Report.

Administration is accountable for communal tensions in Sheopur: NCHRO PDF Print E-mail

altSheopur (Madhya Pradesh) : “The administration is the only responsible for the communal tension occurred last days, for holding RSS shakha in the city”, human rights organization NCHRO alleged through a press conference. Fact finding team member,Dr Kalpana Chittorgarh, Joint Secretary, NCHRO Rajasthan said that if the administration wanted it could control the situation by bringing the two groups to compromise, but it made the situation tenser by taking partial actions.Police failures to deal effectively with communal tension arise mainly from their own inadequacies and also from unabashed politics at the local level.  One of the team members Ansar Indori said that calling no meeting of Peace Committee even days after the incident took place, proves that the administration did not intend to end the tension from the region. On the other hand the actions taken by the administration till now were totally partial. The police took immediate actions on the FIR filed by the Hindu organizations and put persons belonging to the Muslim community behind bars after arresting them. Maintenance of public order is a sovereign function of the state  administrative machinery has become so highly politicised that it is rendered incapable of carrying out basic sovereign functions.

NCHRO delegation visits violence-hit Tanur in Kerala. PDF Print E-mail
NCHRO Kerala
The National Confederation of Human Rights Organisation (NCHRO) delegation reached the violence-ravaged area on  20-March-2017 and  expressed deep concern over violent incidents  between rival political factions at Tanur in Malappuram district, Kerala.
Political violence and abuses reportedly committed by ruffians both from the  Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). Both parties are intransigent to an extent that they think they can defeat each other.
The matter of police excesses, police atrocities and destruction of properties were reported and visible, Police who should have protected the people, also participated in the attacks in some places and refused to register cases against the culprits.
The delegation noted that the  inciting statements or pronouncements including fake news peddled by certain individuals, political actors and other interest and pressure groups escalating minor issues to  violent attacks.
Reni Aylin, National Secretary, NCHRO, said that . “There had been political violence in the area ever since the culmination of the local body elections. With the CPI(M) scoring an upset win in the ensuing Assembly elections from the Tanur seat, it escalated. The CPI(M), IUML, and two factions of a major Muslim group are mainly responsible for it. Though the police are registering cases against the culprits, real offenders go scot-free owing to the secret understanding between leaders,” he alleged.
‘Grow’ Vasu, social activist, alleged that the political and community leaders in the area were controlled by the drug-liquor mafia. “Most of the residents there are ordinary fishermen. The attackers perpetrated violence in the night. Fishing equipment were destroyed. Money and valuables were stolen from houses and household articles were set on fire,” he said.
It was observed the deplorable conditions under which people live after the incident where women and children mostly affected and most of the men disappeared from the area and reports of police summarily in violence while conducting door-to-door operations in houses, highlight the need for an independent  investigation into the incidents in the region.
A lack of confidence in the police and other authorities, and the fact that only a fraction of crimes are investigated and the perpetrators punished, leads political parties to take matters into their own hands.And impunity generates new violence.
NCHRO delegation  touched on critical issues of accountability, particularly in respect of previous and current violence and demanded fair  investigations, book culprits and compensation for the victims.
Reconciliation and Healing is the need of the hour where deep-seated mutual mistrust between the groups still visible. NCHRO held a press conference with the visit report on 21-March-2017. NCHRO Kerala State President Vilayodi Shivankutty, MK Sharafudheen NCHRO EXCO member etc. were also present.
One Day Fast to Protest Violence of Cow Vigilantes PDF Print E-mail
altNew Delhi, April 9: People observed a day long fast on Sunday near the parliament at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to protest Alwar lynching incident where cow vigilantes (Gau Rakshaks) killed a dairy farmer Pehlu Khan and brutally beaten up some other Dairy farmers last week.
On 1st April, a group of self-styled cow vigilantes allegedly killed dairy farmer Pehlu Khan and brutally assaulted four others when they were travelling in trucks in Behror area of Alwar,.  They were brutally beaten up by on their way to Haryana from Jaipur. They had purchased some cows and calves from the Rajasthan government cattle fare in Jaipur and had valid papers from the Municipal authorities.
Mob violence as well as state crackdown targeted at meat , cattle traders and now dairy farmers, accusing them of cow slaughter, seems to have become routine. The instances of organised hatred, isolation and violence in the name of gau raksha is increasing day by day.
NCHRO participate in protest rally to show solidarity with those convicted in the Maruti case. PDF Print E-mail
Migrant Workers

New Delhi, March,2017
altThe demonstration  was organized by various worker groups  to show solidarity with the jailed workers and in protest against the judgment pronounced in the 2012 Maruti plant case.
The Maruti workers and members of other factory unions  decided to move the Punjab and Haryana high court against the conviction of 31 workers. The workers said the investigation done by the special investigation team (SIT) into the incident was not fair, demanding  a judicial  inquiry.
Unions said there was no planned conspiracy behind the 2012 incident. Besides workers want that the Maruti to take back all 546 employees that it sacked after the incident in 2012.  NCHRO Delhi chapter General Secratry Ansar Indori participated and said the 2012 incident was sparked off by a minor altercation between the management and workers over the working conditions in the factory.
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