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Missionary Blood on their Hands :A Gujarat Model in Kerala

This article deals with viscious attack on the American missonary by activists of the Hindu right

C K Janu: ‘Experience is my guide’

C K Janu is illiterate and has no political ideology except her own, born of poverty, bondage and the experience of working as a domestic and daily-wage labourer since the age of seven. And yet she is spearheading the struggle

Secret Religious Cult Kills Newspaper Editor

Mr. Ram Chander Chhatrapati (52), editor of “Poora Sach” (full truth), Hindi evening daily of Sirsa in Haryana, died on November 23, 2002 at Appolo Hospital, New Delhi, after a month long struggle for life following he was shot on

Pakistani journalist in Peace Boat

The Indian Customs and Immigration authorities denied entry permission to Pakistani journalist Ms. Zainab Fathima Shah on board of “Peace Boat” when it reached Kochi port in South Indian State, Kerala, on September 16.

Silicon Valley landlord’s sex slave victim a Dalit girl

Although the ill famous millionaire landlord of Silicon Valley (Berkeley), Lakireddy Bali Reddy, and his close relatives are all set to plea guilty of sex slavery before the Oakland Federal Court on March 6, not many in both U.S. and

Custodial torture of Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front leader

New Delhi – A team of leading personalities who met Mohammed Yasin Malik, Chairperson of Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) in jail, raised their protests against the third degree method of torture inflicted on him by the police and expressed serious

Landless in their own land

Lack of political will in Kerala  has ensured that tribal land rights are paid mere lip-service by subsequent governments