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INDIA: “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” and the filth of democracy

9 Novembar 2014 by Avinash Pandey No, the man pictured here has not entered the gutter as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much hyped Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, or “clean India campaign”. Unlike the ad rush that shows posing with

INDIA: Denial won’t wish away “Indian” racism against North Easterners

by Avinash Pandey 25 October 2014 They did not speak Kannada, the language of the state they live in. They, therefore, were “legitimate” targets of violence in a city that has benefitted the most from India’s shift from Nehruvian Socialism

Woman killed cop for pushing her into prostitution

9 October 2014 MUMBAI: Almost a month after the partially charred body of a constable was found in a slum room on Juhu Tara Road and a commercial sex worker was arrested on the murder charge, an investigation has revealed

16 changes the SC recommends to prevent fake police encounter killings

26 September 2014 The Supreme Court cracked down on the rise in fake encounter killings by the police, ruling in a writ petition filed by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL). PUCL had questioned the genuineness of 99 encounters

35% of female characters in Indian movies shown with nudity: UN report

25 September 2014 India tops the chart in showing attractive women in its movies and as much as 35% of these female characters are shown with some nudity, finds a first-ever UN sponsored global study of female characters in popular

Communal Riots in Uttar Pradesh

24 September 2014 by Badri Narayan After the 1990s, communal incidents in India have spread to rural areas, and they occur on a smaller scale, but with much larger frequency. In this strategy, the making of a communal consciousness requires

Assam-Nagaland Border Violence

24 September 2014 by Udayon Misra The violence in August on the border of the Naga Hills that left 17 people dead, scores injured and over 200 houses burnt has its roots in the colonial period. But a solution to

Which side are you, Mr Rajnath Singh?: An open letter to the Union Home Minister

24 September 2014 by Shamsul Islam Rajnath Singhji, While talking to The Indian Express (New Delhi, August 24, 1914) you described yourself as a “Swayamsewak of the RSS”. As the Home Minister of the country you must have taken oath

Cancer behind 70% deaths in India’s atomic energy hubs

8 September 2014 MUMBAI: Cancer caused almost 70% of the 3,887 health-related deaths in the atomic energy hubs across the country over the last 20 years, an RTI reply has revealed. In all, 2,600 succumbed to cancer in 19 centres

India violating privacy of Internet users: report

7 September 2014 A report launched by the Software Freedom Law Centre (SFLC) titled ‘India’s Surveillance State’at the Internet Governance Forum, currently underway in Istanbul, said the Indian state is violating the privacy of its citizens through use of internet