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Supreme Court judge advocates “animal rights” for alleged terrorists

The third most senior judge on India’s Supreme Court has bluntly said in a public forum that alleged terrorists should be denied “human rights.” Instead terror suspects should be treated like animals. “What is required are animal rights,” declared Supreme

Stop This Terror of Law : Ravi Nair

This unconventional war cannot be won in a conventional way. It can only be won by showing that our values are stronger, better and more just, more fair and more humane than the alternative. Terrorism is a multifaceted phenomenon that

Democratic governance is best form: Ex-CJI

HYDERABAD: Former chief justice of India, MN Venkatachaliah, on Thursday made a strong plea for democracy as the most efficient way to govern and to provide an accountable system of governence.  Delivering Dr B.R Ambedkar Memorial Lecture on “The Social

Communal riots and the role of Judicial commissions

New Delhi, Oct 7 (IANS) Do judicial commissions and commissions of inquiry (COI) appointed by the government to examine issues ranging from communal riots, scandals and assassinations to inter-state disputes actually achieve anything? A sampling of the number of the

PIL Pill for all ills : Maneesh Chhibber

The Tribune , March 11, 2007 The common man is finally having his say, thanks to Public Interest Litigation. Be it to ensure good governance, seek redressal of human rights violations or poor availability of goods and services, PIL has


By Parwini Zora and Kranti Kumara, World Socialist Web Site 3 February 2007 India’s State High Courts have recently delivered guilty verdicts in a number of high profile cases arising from brazen violent crimes committed over a decade ago by

Justice in shambles

Vijay Sanghvi Delhi, Hard News Media On January 3, 2007,  Santosh Dhanvare, an under-trial, who is below 25 years, pulled out his shoe in anger and hurled it at the lady Judicial Magistrate 1st Class S M Soni when she

The price of adultery

January 20, 2007, The Tribune, The Indian law on adultery, drafted more than a century ago, makes it a punishable offence for men alone. The recent proposal to punish women too has generated much debate. Shoma A. Chatterji looks at


Independence of the judiciary means independence from the executive and legislature, but not independence from accountability Prashant Bhushan   Delhi The recent decision of the government to bring a bill to amend the Judges Inquiry Act and provide for the

The Judiciary: Cutting Edge Of A Predator State

By Prashant Bhushan 07 December, 2006, At a time when the dominant class in India is obsessed with power and when India appears to be at the threshold of becoming an “economic and military superpower”, it is interesting that