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Knowledge Commission Must Know Real India

R Arun Kumar, People's Democracy THERE is an interesting story whose moral we all need to understand. A highly educated professional had gone to a village to meet his childhood friend who was a shepherd. Through the course of their

Justice for Dalits still a dream

IN FEBRUARY this year, Dalits in Mahmadpur — a small village near Kunjpura in Karnal district, Haryana — were attacked by members of the land-owning Rode community. Over 30 Dalits were seriously injured. The immediate provocation for the incident was

Reservation Debate: A Great Opportunity To Restrengthen Dalit Bahujan Alliance

By V.B.Rawat, 08 May, 2006, One need to give due credit to V.T.Rajshekar, editor of Dalit Voice, Banglore, for wonderfully explaining the issue of merit and reservation. Rajshekar himself faced threat when he was in Delhi during those heydays

Adivasis: A Cultural Cooption

By Ram Puniyani, 06 April, 2006 From 1987 Sangh (RSS) has activated its offshoot Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram (VKA) into higher gear of activity. Adivasis, the most neglected part of society are being wooed through newly devised cultural mechanisms. To

Fighting the stigma of

One of colonialism’s harshest legacies was the branding of 10 crore nomadic and forest tribals as thieves and criminals. Sahitya Akademi award-winning writer Lakshman Maruti Gaikwad, whose books chronicle the pain and anguish suffered by his community, the Pardhis, continues

Why do India’s Dalits hate Gandhi? : Thomas C Montain

By Thomas C. Mountain, Online Journal Contributing Writer,Mar 17, 2006, 12:49 In India, supposedly the world’s largest democracy, the leadership of the rapidly growing Dalit movement have nothing good to say about Mohandas K. Gandhi. To be honest, Gandhi is

Re-reading Periyar

 By Ravikumar, 02 March, 2006, Seminar If one was asked, ‘Who invented the test tube baby?’ it is likely that a western scientist will be credited. But a Tamilian would contradict you, claiming that it was actually Periyar who was

Exposing An Abhorrent Practice

By S Viswanathan, 15 February, 2006, Frontline Historians have hailed the Indus Valley Civilisation (2600 B.C.-1900 B.C.) as one of the earliest forms of urban culture and affirmed that this civilisation established India, along with Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Sumeria,

When Caste Overshadows Humanity

Poorest of the poor, Dalits have suffered centuries of slavery "We suffer because of the circumstances of our birth. The reason for our marginalization is nothing more than being subject to the caste system," says Gopal Damai, a resident of


One of the first Dalits to fight for women’s rights and a former Congress MLA, 82-year-old Krishnaveni worked as a coolie, lived in a cowshed in Tamil Nadu. Now relief comes her way   JAYA MENON   FEW outside Ammachipuram