NCHRO calls for CBI enquiry about the Brutal Murder of Gauri Lankesh

Sept 6, 2017

NCHRO calls for CBI enquiry about the Brutal Murder of Gauri Lankesh


NCHRO is shocked to know the brutal killing of the eminent journalist and rights activistGauri Lankesh . She was closely associated with our organization and was an Exco member of NCHRO a few years back. She was a fire brand champion against all unjust and illegal activities including that of the saffron terror groups, cow vigilantes and mining and real estate mafias. She also exposed the mutts and orthodox outfits. Recently she incurred the wrath of the Veerashaiva mutts as she supported the just demand of the Lingayats to recognize them as a separate religion other than Hinduism.

The way in which she was killed closely resembles that of the killings of Govind Pansare, Kalburgi and Narendra Dhabolkar. This kind t of elimination of  political adversaries, civil activists, scribes, writers, thinkers and student leaders has increased after the BJP government came to power in Delhi. Nothing has happened in solving the mystery of the missing JNU scholar Najeeb Ahmed even after eleven months. Day by day we feel the heat of  fascism is in Indian soil.

It is time for all secular and democratic forces come together and oppose the engulfing fascist danger facing us.

We demand a CBI enquiry on the brutal murder of comrade Gauri Lankesh.

We demand an enquiry commission to be appointed headed by a sitting SC judge to inquire about the killings of writers, intellectuals, civil activists and student activists in the past four years.

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