Demand for redefining age of child’ labourer

PUNE: On the occasion of the Anti-Child Labour Day,’ which is observed in India on April 30, a section of the non-government organisations here demanded revoking of a new government resolution (GR), which confined the age of child labourer as up to 14 years.
“Earlier, a GR issued by the state government on April 25, 2006, maintained that a child at the age of up to 18 years can be termed as child labourer. This had permitted rescuing of children up to 18 years of age from child labour,” said Nakul Kate, co-ordinator of Action for Rights of Children. “But a fresh GR has been issued recently, maintaining the age of child labourer as up to 14 years. We oppose this GR,” he added.

According to the figures given by the NGOs, 134 child labourers have been rescued in city in the last two years. Of the 134 children, 43 were in the age group of 15 to 18 years.

Manish Shroff, director of Asha Kiran, said: “The new GR was disappointing. The government should take back it. After that rescuing children above 14 years of age also could be possible.”

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