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Why are Muslim parties branded as communal? PDF Print E-mail

30 October 2014

By Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,

About 17 or 18 years back, we had a big convention of All India Muslim Forum at Sahkarita Bhavan, Lucknow, in which, Mr. E. Ahamed, M.P. of Indian Union Muslim League was among the prominent participants, and I translated his speech from English to Urdu. As usual, some of the Muslim skeptics had raised the concerns that if ‘Muslim-based’ political parties are established, it may strengthen fascist forces, endanger secular values, alienate the community from the mainstream, and so on, so on.

INDIA: Denial won’t wish away “Indian” racism against North Easterners PDF Print E-mail

by Avinash Pandey

25 October 2014

They did not speak Kannada, the language of the state they live in. They, therefore, were “legitimate” targets of violence in a city that has benefitted the most from India’s shift from Nehruvian Socialism to free market economy. The fact that they contribute to the city, and the province’s income, meant nothing. That they pay taxes that keep the country afloat had no value. They were, after all, North Easterners stranded in mainland India.

Woman killed cop for pushing her into prostitution PDF Print E-mail

9 October 2014

MUMBAI: Almost a month after the partially charred body of a constable was found in a slum room on Juhu Tara Road and a commercial sex worker was arrested on the murder charge, an investigation has revealed a sordid saga that apparently pushed the woman to commit such an act.

NCHRO Resolutions passed by Biennial General Assembly PDF Print E-mail

18 October 2014

Resolutions passed by Biennial General Assembly Sept 14 2014 Bengaluru

1. Appoint a monitoring committee to stop hate speeches

2. Enact laws to give compensation to under trials.

3. Withdraw AFSPA, UAPA and state security laws

4. Enact comprehensive human rights act

5. Do not allow FDI in strategic areas

6. Tributes to Irom Sharmila

7. Release Dr. G N Saibaba

8. Stop the commissioning of new nuclear reactors

9. Appoint judicial commission in Odisha

10. Concern at the liquidation of old institutions

11. Reinstatement of police officers will promote rights violations

12. Condemns the amendment to Tamil Nadu Gunda Act.

1. Appoint a monitoring committee to stop hate speeches

The Biennial General Assembly calls up on the Government of India and of the states to constitute monitoring committees to stop inflammatory and hate speeches by political and religious leaders. Recently the country has witnessed some self- proclaimed acharyas and sanyasins to pour vitriol against minorities in states like UP. The authorities have been lackadaisical to initiate legal action against there vituperation lest they would loose votes of certain castes .This inaction in the long run would destroy the secular fabric of the country. It is reported widely that Sangh Parivar elements are behind the Saharanpur communal riots. The BJP president Amit Shah went to the extent of saying that his party would win the assembly elections with huge majority if the riots continued. We urge the U.P government to arrest all those who have incited the communal hatred and ensure the safety of the vulnerable people. The NCHRO welcomes the initiative taken by Tamil Nadu government and judiciary to release 1300 under trials under Cr PC 436 (a). We also urge the state government to release all prisoners who have completed 10 years in jail irrespective of their religion on Anna's birthday.

Common thread in Gujarat clashes: VHP ‘aiding’ police PDF Print E-mail

9 October 2014

A common thread appears to have emerged from a series of communal incidents in Gujarat over the last two weeks, with residents of the areas affected blaming an alleged nexus between local VHP activists and police in triggering the violence. All the clashes were sparked by crackdowns on the sale of beef during Navratri and Bakrid — the slaughter of cows is banned in Gujarat.

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